Welcome to a songwriter website. I have online tutorials on how to write songs effectively by following fundamentals.
If you are a pure beginner of writing songs, this site is for you. If you are looking to license music or 
songs for film and TV, please visit my music publishing site.Writing songs needs two things, LYRICS and MUSIC. Lyrics are very simple, there are no rules in it. You can write anything you want.
Now how about the music, this is the most creative part. It is an art but you need to have musical background.If you love music and have the passion to write songs, you must learn music fundamentals.
Are you familiar with this?

Music staff notes

It is a musical staff filled with notes. Those notes combined with lyrics are what makes a song. Like this:

Song lyrics and music

As a requirement to check how the syllables of the lyrics fits the music note, you should sing the song, but not like a pro. Just try to sing, then check if the note matches with the lyrics.

our songwriting endeavors can be divided into:

1.Learning Music lessons/theory in major and minor key signatures– I give this free, this is very basic and I can assure that after you take this lesson, you will not get into trouble of finding the right notes for a given musical scale. This section will be divided in major and minor scale lessons. And this will be placed in the music theory section of this site. On the navigation menu, this is labeled as “Songwriting Courses”. If you need professional online courses and a certificate, I suggest you go for Berkleemusic. This is if you want to go deeper into music theory and business.

As a support to the songwriting lessons, I have incorporated a “songwriter blog” which contains updates, tips, tricks and guide pertaining to songwriting. As a quick guide to help you make a song, please refer below:

a. Proven tips to become a successful songwriter
Songwriting Tips: Ways to put song together
How to write the hook of the song

2.Copyrighting your song– After making your song, this is a legal process that will protect your song from the so called “song-sharks”.

3.Getting your Music Published and Receiving Song Royalties – This is extremely important as major goals of songwriter is about earning income from the songs written.

This is the music business aspect of songwriting. If you need to be successful, this needs some planning, hard work and determination.I have written down some post relating to this topic. Again as a quick guide, please refer below:

a. How to earn income from your songs?
10 Reasons Why Most Indie Recording Artist Fails

4.Getting Song reviews– It is one of the most important steps in songwriting. A song will not improve if it will not received any feedbacks from the listeners. There are variety of getting song feedback. I strongly suggest that before the songs are to be published it should be thoroughly reviewed. The main purpose is to avoid re-recording and re-mixing cost which could be very time consuming and expensive if you do it in the publishing stage of the song. A great song review ratings can bring up the confidence of the songwriter in publishing the songs.

You can also read my post on Song reviews, a nice way to improve songs.

By the way, you can visit www.broadjam.com, this site offers free song review services. This is for those that cannot afford to have paid song review service and this is best way to go. There are a lot of honest song reviewers in this site and I am using their data to improve my catalogs.Or you can even conduct a off line survey providing a sample CD to anonymous listeners and rate your songs.

In the future, I will be adding a songwriting tools section, which will give many free songwriting tools that you can use to maximize the results. Also are the methods discussed on how to use this for your own benefit.

Hope you have a good time learning to write songs. Thanks for visiting this site by the way!