Jeanine S. Maningo Creative Director

I will make sure to bring joy, love, and new learnings to the world. Stay cool and have fun.


Emerson R. Maningo Technical support

This man is unbelievable because he will excel in anything what he wants to do. His profession is Electronics Communications Engineer a licensed Engineer. The passion of being a songwriter, recording engineer and a programmer is a lifetime. He guides, support and help realized fulfill my dreams.

Anthony M. Ellado Contributor

Being a musician you must be dedicated, committed, and passionate in all you do. If you need anything related to music, Anthony will help you generously. I humbly asked this man to contribute his musical skills through blogging because his learnings are worthy to share. He is a music graduate, LET passer Licensure Examination for Teachers. He is currently teaching in a prestigious school, active in their community as a Choir Director in their church, member of Cebu Philharmonic Orchestra known as CPO Cello player, he also plays Bandurria, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Bass; he is also a music arranger, composer and blogger.

Anthony’s quote: Music is everywhere, what you need to do is listen and pick.

If you want Anthony’s music services kindly visit his facebook page to contact him directly.

Kayla Hutton Contributor

She has been playing music for 20 years as a guitarist and 10 years as a programmer. She has acquired an Associate degree in Music Business from Mesa Community College. And owned her own booking/promotions company, Euphoric Productions from 2001-2012.

In addition to that she also currently use FLStudio12 and Tracktion 6 and create industrial/ambient music under the name Love Like Suicide. She is a current contributor for a music review website Imperfect Fifth and have contributed to W.A. Production. You can view her portfolio at the following location