How to Make Fast and Easy Melodic Lines for your Lyrics

Beginners should stay focus on the basic first because it is necessary. Later, expand your knowledge and share it.

Melodic lines– quality of sounds connecting each other and it has complete thoughts.

1. Get your instruments and play notes like these;




You are playing in key of Gmajor scale.


 2. Your melodic lines must be guided to the 7 tones (image#1) because it is the easy way to do.

3. Before thinking of possible melodic lines, decide the Time Signature that you are using.




in 4/4 time signature:

in 2/4 time signature:

in 3/4 time signature:

in 6/8 time signature


4. Decide what kind of Tempo do you want to produce. Is it Fast 120BPM or Slow 80BPM (beats per minute).

5. Melodic lines must have a THEME. Love song, Children song, Traditional song, Loyalty song, Environmental song and etc. Integrate your melodies to the theme. I used to listen to love songs. Basically, 6/8 time signature is better to use when you make a song like Ed sheeran’s Perfect, Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years it’s about LOVE.

6. Usually Melodic lines are composed of 2 to 4 measures. Here is the sample melodic lines consists of 4 bars;

While listening to the sample audio (audio#6) count 123456, try to fit in the lyrics if it’s coincide within 4 bars.

One two three four five six please count here we go feel stop here”.

1st measure would be: One two three four five six

2nd measure: please count

3rd measure: here we go feel

4th measure: stop here

If you are a lyricist this might help you subdivide your lyrics to put it in a right time and a right strike and pace. Just count whatever it is. Melodic lines will also be based on time signature, like 3/4 or 6/8 the first melody will strike at the 4th beat. Want to learn how to notate a song? this information guides you through.

And if you are fun of making instrumental music, think of telling stories that without using words. Let your melodies talk.

—-By expressing the meaning of the word like “I love you” in a melodic lines. How? Just feel it by using your own personal experiences, and or your observations in the community.

The scenario might be like these:

I love you?

I love you!

I love you.

I love you,

How can you translate the 1st scenario I love you? into a melodic lines?

When you listen to each melodic tone, the notes are having huge leap. The flow of the lines are going upwards, and it is because of the question mark. When you make melodies, always consider the mode of the words.

Disclaimer: If you want to make more creative melodic lines just go deeper. For more enhancement of your learnings about lyric writing this article will help you. I hope you have gained a little more. And if you have questions, that I am happy to hear. See you! Thanks!