Importance and Benefits of Ear Training and Sight Singing for a Singer-Musician

Voice is an instrument and it is very special. It sounds unique. The varieties of sounds are the following; Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. It is natural for us to imitate the sound while listening because our sense of hearing is sharp. However, talking about harmony, there are varieties of sounds right? It is like four people singing different tones at the same time. It is so difficult to imitate or follow the music, and this is how Important Ear Training and Sight Singing is all about.

If you’re serious of your passion in music especially your voice enhancement, be sure to read musical notes. Be familiar to know the basic theory in music, it is like learning an alphabet. In music, it has solfa-syllables DO RE MI FA SOL LA CI DO.

1. YOU’RE AWARE TO SING FLATS AND SHARPS SOUNDS. In every sound that will come out through your vocal chord has a corresponding note. There are instances you aim for perfectionism. Being perfect is not healthy because we all made mistakes right? But, if you sing close to perfect pitch meaning to that you’ve produced quality sound.

2. YOU’RE AN ASSET IN A CHOIR. You must be a good singer in your section. It might be a Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass. It is really fun and amazing to hear when a group is performing well. And you must be proud of it.

3. IT IS EASY TO LEARN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Musical notations are like alphabets. However, you must have sharp ear when it comes to sounds also the timing or the TIME. You can not just play or sing whatever you want you need to follow time signatures.

4. QUICK TO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN NOISE AND REAL MUSIC. You hear lots of sounds anytime and anywhere. And you will enjoy or iritate yourself as you listen to any kinds of sounds. That’s good for your health too if you can filter out the best music for your ear. Music affects your life it can change the way you think.

5. MOST PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE SMART. To read and sing musical notations takes time. It is true you are smart because music needs focus, patience, commitment, hardwork, discipline and etc. If you have sharp ear and sight to read musical notations, then you are SMART.

6. ALWAYS AIM FOR PERFECT PITCH. Perfectionism is good but not too much because in life you can not embrace victory without experiencing defeat. Right? In music, it is important to be very precise in terms of sounds. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG, let your sister or brother sing for you. When you listen them singing badly, you are quick to correct them because of your awareness.

7. IT WILL IMPROVE YOUR MUSIC APPRECIATION. In every sound you’ve hear you are very particular with, like the instruments being used, kind of voice does the singer have, and how sounds blend each other.

8. YOU’RE MARKETABLE AS BROADWAY SINGER AND OR MUSICAL THEATHER SINGER. You have dreamed to become like Leah Salonga, Edina Menzel and etc. Better start to read music now. If you’re as a broadway singer you must read and sing musical pieces. It is such wonderful if you learn songs like I DREAMED A DREAM and the trending now NEVER ENOUGH the voice of the singer will move you because of its POWER.

9. IT WILL HELP YOUR INTONATION IMPROVE. It is true that not all people are blessed to have talent in singing or in playing music. But, don’t worry because your dream will become a reality if you are dedicated to learn how to read and sing musical pieces. Repitition is a kind of learning that needs to have perseverance. This is how you are going to do; PLAY- LISTEN- SING do it as long as your fingers will get tired. What are you going to play? -it is the musical piece.

10. Music for you is LIFE. You give value to music once you learn music. It is better to put all your efforts on things that you love the most because someday, you will realize how happy you are as a person. Just follow your heart and everything will be fine. Always make things right. When you learn music think of inspirations so you can be more courageous to do it.

Just put in your heart to be HUMBLE all the time. So that you will be open-minded to any kinds of learnings you do in life. If you choose music as your bread and butter, start learning music now. Life is so short don’t waste it keep on going no matter how old you are now if you want to know about music, look for people who can help you. These are just words but if you act on it you can produce results.

Good luck!!!