Flat major scale

It is easy to write songs in flat major scales. This page will discuss about it.There are only few songwriters who will write seriously flat major scales. In my opinion, it is because:

a. Flat major scales are difficult to play in the guitar. Like an F chord or other variations like Bb.
b. Flat major scales have unusual scales to follow and not so much good music are written with flat major scales. But not all, there are exceptional songs written in Flat major scales. Like “Hey Jude” from the Beatles.

Of course, flat major scale is very different to a sharp major scale. It is because it is not using a “#” sign but using a “b” sign. “b” signs means to raise down the pitch by a half step. As opposed to a “#” that raises the pitch by a half step.

Although # and b are different but they are related. Increasing half steps in pitch uses sharp (#):

do, do#, re, re#, mi, fa, fa#, so, so#, la, la#, ti, do.

Now decreasing half steps down in pitch uses flat (b)

do, ti, ti flat, la, la flat, so, so flat, fa, mi, mi flat, re, re flat, do

This means those notes affected can be inter-related:

do, do#/re flat (b), re, re#/mi flat (b), mi, fa, fa#/so flat (b),so, so#/la flat (b), la, la#/ti flat (b), ti, do.

Below is a complete table to understand flat major scales. Take note I exclude the uncommon ones.

Flat major scale

Mnemonics for flat major scale is also easy to memorize. Just remember:

F – “Fat”
Db –

The key signature for different flat major scales uses a flat symbol in the staff (b).

F major key/key signature

F major  key signature

B flat major key/key signature

B flat major scale

E flat major key/key signature

A flat major key/ key signature

A flat major key/key signature

A flat major key signature

D flat major key/ key signature

D flat major key signature

Below is a sample music written in F major. Take note that the notes affected is ti flat or la sharp.

F major music

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