Songwriter Demo Service: Be Warned Before Proceeding

There are some print, online service and recording studios offering cheap songwriter demo services. These are great opportunities for any songwriter wanting high quality demos to pitch to music publishers. As I know, under copyright laws a songwriter can own these type of rights:

a. Copyright of the song – As long as he is the registered songwriter associated with the US copyright application.
Copyright of the recording – After availing songwriter demo services, you should be owning the recording too! You can file a different US copyright for this under the classification of sound recording.

When availing songwriter demo service, do not assign your rights to anyone especially the ownership of your song and recording. And make sure you are paying them to render services, not having them owning your songs with the promise of offering you glamour. Read carefully what you sign. Beware of song sharks!

Take note that when you go to any recording studio to do some recordings. In any songwriter demo services, there should be a recording producer. In music business, be careful because a recording producer is the legal copyright owner of the sound recording.Make some arrangements with the producer assigned to your demo,and negotiate that since you are paying him/her, you should be owning the sound recording. Please execute this in writing if possible.

A songwriter today can earned not only mechanical, performance and sync royalties. With powerful music promoting and song pitching sites such as Broadjam, Myspace and, lots and lots of music consumers like TV directors, film producers and advertising agency are actively looking for master recordings. If a songwriter owns the master recording, he/she can make a money out of it.

Other things to take note in the demo services such as this are the following below:

a. Be prepared, if you have a mind of the producer, layout your songs in advance such as arrangement. This cuts the time of the recording session and saving you money.
b. Practice your vocals early.
c. Go for trusted demo services, I do not have any recommendations as I have not tried any of this.
d. Tune your instrument in advance so that you will not annoy the studio engineer.
e. Make your demo simple as possible, do not be tempted by the producer offering you tons of instrumental arrangements for your demo. This will just lengthen the amount of studio time with less improvement in quality.

In a typical rock song demo, aim for:

a. Guitars (distortion and clean) , two tracks will do.
b. Bass guitars
c. Drums
d. Vocals

In a pop song demo, the same instrument will apply as well as with country. The more simpler your demo the more it will sound clean and pleasant.

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