Writing lyrics tips: How to make your lyrics marketable?

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Description: Sound effects cd, sound fx cd, high definition sound fx, surround sfx, surround sound effects, download sfx, high definition sound effects offered by Sound Effects Shop, the premier site for professional sound effects.Do not write outdated lyrics that falls outside of a music trend. It is very annoying to listen to a song with outdated lyrics. For example, it is common in the 1980’s to have lyrics about drugs, bicycles with hot chicks riding it. Other typical example is 1990’s, when gangs are so common and lyrics on those times focuses on troubled teens and rebellion. Now it is not, it will just make your song marketability very low and annoys listeners.

The main problem with writing lyrics is emotions and songwriter experience. Although I agree that when a songwriter writes based on his experience and emotions it will produce great results. It is not the case with writing lyrics to fit a certain trend, songwriter should consider what is really happening these days and also consider what is something “universal”. Writing songs with universal appeal makes your song more marketable and appealing to the current public.

So today what are the ways to make your lyrics marketable? I will outline below based on what I think will help:

1. Write a lyrics that appeals universal to the public. You could write a song about someone. It could be your dog, about a certain animal, about your girlfriend, about your cars, etc. This type of song can withstand the test of time and will not appear outdated in the long run.

2. Write a lyrics that describes a certain universal feeling. Again this type of approach is good since it will stand the test of time. “LOVE” is a universal feeling that makes it so good to write a song about it. Take for example the lyrics from the Beatles song “And I Love Her”, it is very well applicable until today.

3. Focus on lyrics that most people complained always, it creates controversy and makes your song famous. You could write a song entitled “Debt in your credit card”, it may sound funny but the lyrics could touch peoples lives.

4. Write a lyrics that describes the feeling of any certain and important moments of a human being. A good example of these are the following:

a. Birthday
b. Baptism
c. Religion
d. Wedding
e. Death
f. Graduation
g. Debut

The most marketable I think is a song about weddings. Lots of couples like to give away CD’s during their weddings and having a wedding song is an advantage of any songwriter. Remember that a wedding song can either be played during the wedding ceremony, be compiled in the CD and be played in the reception. Take note these are big financial opportunities to grab both performance and mechanical royalties.

5. Lyrics according to occasions and seasons will stand the test of time also. Example of these very important seasons are Christmas, Lent, Summer, Spring, Autumn, Rainy season and Winter.

As a summary, write lyrics that creates meaning and has purpose to be listen to. If you can get a clear message across to the listeners, then it will make the song more important for them and will be remembered always.


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