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This page will discuss guitar buying tips, basically when deciding to buy guitars. According to the site polls, “Ability to play musical instruments” are one of the most important requirements for a songwriter. Now if you like to become a songwriter you should have a least one musical instruments that you can play with. The most recommended is an acoustic guitar. Below is a picture of an acoustic guitar with parts:

Acoustic guitar parts

1.Head stock

2.Guitar Nut
3.Machine heads
4.Guitar Frets
5.Truss rod
6.Guitar Inlays
8.Guitar Heel (acoustic)
10.Guitar Pick ups
11. Amplifier
12. Guitar Bridge
13.Pick guard
14. Guitar Back
16.Body sides
17.Sound hole
18.Guitar Strings

Why? Acoustic guitar have the following advantages as one of the most popular musical instruments available for a songwriter:

a. It can played without the use of electricity. Musical keyboards and other instruments needs amplification in order to be played.
b. Very handy and can be transported anywhere the songwriter wants to be. This is a good advantage compared to having a piano where you cannot bring it outside easily. Sometimes being a songwriter needs to be in the places where we are comfortable writing songs, and this is good advantage of having an acoustic guitar.
c. Acoustic guitar is the most popular form of modern pop-rock music accompaniment. Modern commercial songs are produced mostly with acoustic guitar in the primary arrangement. A songwriter that is good in playing acoustic guitar has an added advantage in the competition.
d. Very easy to accompany songs with acoustic guitar by just playing chords but sounds so good. How many times a guitar strumming song became legendary? It is why acoustic guitar is always popular to be used.

Buying guitar is an important decision that will take place in your music career. Based on my experiences, the following below are the tips I could give to someone that decides to buy acoustic guitar:

1. Quality is primarily important so buy only the best acoustic guitar you can afford. It may not need to be branded but it passes the quality standard when it is being referred by most guitar players. Most of the songwriter mistakes rush to buy a cheap guitar only to find out easily to be broken or damaged.

2. Distance between the string and the frets. The smaller the better but do not sacrifice the sound. It is important because the farther the distance between the string and the frets, the harder you will press the string to sound. This will hurt your fingers in the future.

3. Strings– be sure to ask instructions on how to replace the string and the current quality of it. String is the most important part of the guitar. SO make sure you can easily replace strings when you need it in the future.

4. Buy only on reputable guitar shops– it is because those shops exist for a long time because of quality and price.

5. Do not buy when you do not get the sound you want– test play the guitar for as long as you wish (about 30 minutes) play your favorite piece, or have someone play your favorite guitar licks. If you do love the sound, it is good, if not do not ever force to buy it because it is cheap.

6. Always buy a guitar brand new. This is the most recommended thing to do, because you need to have a guitar that you will used to love starting from the very start. Buying second hand guitars already received some damage even it is not visible to the eye.

7. Buy a full size guitar, if you are still young because your hands is small. Do not ever be tempted to buy a small size guitar. It is because, you will adjust again once you will grow up older which will lengthen the time it takes to master the instrument. Using a full size guitar even at young age will enable you to be more familiar with the fret distances at an early start. Full size guitar is the most common with sizes typically 39 – 41 inches.

8. As a songwriter, it is best to buy a nylon classical guitar. Some may disagree but I am playing guitar for 15 years and I found nylon classical guitar to be hand/fingers friendly compared to the steel strings. This will preserve your fingers more and will enable you to play the instrument longer.

9. If guitar sound quality is important to you, buy a good guitar strings during the time you buy your first guitar. Most guitar are supplied with cheap strings at the start and it would be better to buy a good string and replace the cheap strings after you bought the guitar. But consider the price first.

10. Do not even buy a guitar without a case. Most cheap guitar shops will able you to buy a guitar without a case. This is not recommended because without a case, the life your guitar will be very short. Trust me.

11. Buy a guitar that is supplied with pickup. It is much better to buy with pickup ready because who knows in the next coming months of your life as a songwriter, you will be performing in open mic. A guitar supplied with pickup will enable you to perform well with confidence.

I hope the above tips are very helpful in selecting the best guitar for your songwriting needs.

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