Where to buy guitar

One of the ways to buy guitar is online. Although it depends per country but below are the recommended guitar shops as per review:

Read their customer-supplier agreement before buying something and make sure you are protected with warranties. Even in the best guitar shops online, this could possibly happen.

Take note the shops below are my personal choices only and you may have others on your own. But if you like to feature it here, contact me.

Buy Guitar in the United States:

1. Buy acoustic guitar at Guitar Trader– Cheap but quality guitars. Typically I have buy guitars in the Philippines hand-made at 88 dollars. This site offers guitar as low as 90 dollars. This site offers some good, affordable and branded guitars.

Guitar Trader

2. Buy acoustic guitar at Musician Friend– Again cheap but quality guitars; there are only few guitar shops I like in the net. So in case you would like to prefer buying online; these are good alternatives to buy your guitar for songwriting.

Musician Friend

3. Buy classical guitar at Guitar Center– It offers some pricing options, really great for those who are tight in budget. Price ranges for as low as 50 dollars to over 3000 dollars.

Buy guitar online at guitar center

Buy Guitar in the Philippines:

1. Opon Guitars in Mactan Island Cebu Philippines- This has been my favorite since childhood. Since it is difficult to buy guitar online in Philippines, this the best guitar shop to go in this country.

Sample guitar photo bought at Opon

Above picture is my guitar bought last 2004 and still sounds so good now as it was before. It was a kind of durable nylon guitar, and I upgraded it to include some pickup last 2006 for live performances. It was very memorable to me because it helps me write 36 songs up to year 2008 and still counting.

Let me know if you want to list your guitar shops to represent your specific country. Email me at mariamaningo12@gmail.com and give me a screenshot of your guitar shop.

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