How to get artist recording deal?

A lot of artist think, how to get recording deals? Recording deals can be one of the artist biggest career achievement. When there is a recording deal:

a. Artist can own a mansion

b. The successful recording artist can fly in his/her own jets.

c. And a lot and lot of cash.

I am sorry but any recording artist thinking of this seems disillusioned of past music trend that any recording artist should be rich after getting a deal.. Now this is not true.So the question is, how to get artist recording deal? The best answer is “SIGN YOURSELF“.

How is this possible? Prove yourself you can be successful in your own way and this can be done by going to the Indie route. Set goals and achieve it. There is no quick way to get deals, the only way you can do is to love your profession, set goals and work on it.

Major labels are not signing or offering recording deals to a beginner and ordinary artist, instead they are looking for successful independent artist with a lots of fan base, songs and knowledge in music business. Why??? It is because you are an investment to them. By establishing yourself as successful indie artist that achieves glory without major label support, your are indeed a worthy investment and good value for their money. How much more if they support you with their money, you are going to be more successful isn’t it?

Do not be frustrated if you do not get recording deal. Do not ever make this as your goal, remember that if you love your profession, you can find enjoyment not only in getting deals. Instead you can set goals achievable for yourself. An example of realistic goal is the number of fans you have in your mailing list. If you write songs, recorded them and have them in CD for sale, it is very easy to be successful as an independent artist. You can contact your fans that you have CDs for sale and have them watched your live concert at any of your selected venues.

Trust me, you can find enjoyment in music if you set realistic goals. A lot of artist are down because they cannot simply get recording deals. Instead of going directly to this, set other realistic goals such as getting your songs licensed in television, film and other recording projects. You can make big bucks in this type of business if you know what you are doing, get to know the art of making money from your music, read books, read professional music blogs , learn and learn always.

You cannot be certain what will happen next in the future. But again, by letting your music exposed to anyone, you are increasing your chance of success in getting deals. If you continually play live, who knows someone watching has the power to recommend you to play a bigger venue and gets some deals. Also if you exposed your music in the internet, you knows that some big shot music executive stumble upon your song and likes it. These things can happen.

Playing live outdoors increases chances to be heard

Always play live and expose your songs. People reactions, comments , feedback and reviews are your best measuring equipment to determine what are your chances of getting recording deals.

A famous saying in music business: “Instead of asking how to get artist recording deal, better ask how you can earn a living as a musician”? A sincere answer to this thought provoking question can mean success in your career.

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