Interested to join Songwriting Competition happening each year in Cebu Philippines

The Cebu Popular Music Festival it is an original songwriting competition. It’s been 40 years now since Cebu Popular Music Festival has been started. This event promotes the Cebuano culture and because Cebu is popular in the world for its history of colonization and it is an oldest city in the Philippines, we have lots to express through the use of music. The Cebu Popular music festival known as Cebu Pop it is part of the big event which is the SINULOG Festival. Songwriters must be good to write in Bisaya or Cebuano Dialect. Every Year they set theme or topic of songs to write. But this Year 2020, there would be no theme. The songwriters are free to write the way they want to yet, there are still rules to follow like no use of bad words.

If you love songwriting, next year 2021 competition could be a great opportunity. Usually the organizers of Cebu Pop will post the advertisement in their Facebook page. This year the deadline of submission of Cebu Pop would be on August 31, 2019. The chosen finalists will perform on January 17, 2020. And after that, on the 18th and 19th of January 2020, Cebuano’s are celebrating the SINULOG FESTIVAL.

Finally, Cebu Pop it is an original songwriting competition. The lyrics must be in Cebuano dialect. Try to come and visit Cebu learn our Culture and experience the beauty of our Land especially the Cebuano’s daily living.

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