Karencitta made a Stand regarding the Dying OPM [Original Pilipino Music] Music in the Philippines

All local Fm Radio Stations must play OPM 24/7 if they will not start by tomorrow, I quit music.

Karencitta video

Karencitta is a Singer-Songwriter who wrote her hit song entitled Cebuana. She is fluent in English because she grew in USA. Her songs inspires her of the Cebuano cultures. Her enthusiasm as Singer-Songwriter is magnetic because millions of Filipinos follow her social media accounts. Cebuanos, are fun of music especially upbeat songs and that is Karencitta’s expertise, to write dance like songs and luckily she doesn’t have competitors in the Philippines and it’s her advantage.

Karencitta is playing the game well, she is a strong singer-songwriter who desperately express her side of the real situations of music industry in the Philippines and because she knew that Filipinos will be at her side her strength boost. Unfortunately, some Pinoys misinterpret her statement, they thought that Karencitta wanted us Pinoys to stop patronizing International Music. If you dig more, Karencitta is exactly correct because she believed that to Love our own Music-OPM is like loving the Filipino Culture. On the other way, patronizing other’s music [International Music] is not bad because we get influenced from them.

As a singer-songwriter, it is frustrating to have a country Philippines, that OPM is not highly appreciated. How can we be so proud and have pride of ourselves if our own country won’t believe our Talent. I am a Cebuana, it is really hard to write English content because it is my second language. [Kung pwedi pa lang mo sulat og Bisaya nga content, 1hour human nako ani nga topic]. If it is possible to write a content using my native language [Bisaya] it would only take 1hour to finish this topic.

OPM is dying because there will NO be real competition between Filipino to Filipino. Singing competition is only popular in the Philippines. No real original songs or songwriting Competition happen in the Philippines. If there is, quite limited and it could happen once a year. OPMusic in the Philippines is taken for granted. The passion of Pinoys to listen to OPM is shallow. Originality is not appreciated in the Philippines. Imitations in the Philippines is popular, if you can whistle you will be called Mariah, Ariana and etc. Filipinos must wake up please be a real Pinoy!

Supportahan nato ang atong kaugalingong binuhat. Lisud na gani kaayo ang atong nasud nga Pilipinas, atong pa gyud isalikway atong bihuhat nga mga orihinal nga Kanta. Sa tinoud lang sa panahon nga musulat ko og usa panghitabo, mag duhaduha ko tungod kay mabalaka ko sa akong English writings, sakto ba ang grammar. Makalabad sa ulo baya. Ang ako ra gyud tuyo og tumong aning akong gibuhat kay maka padayag sa gibati.

Diha sa pulong magsugod ang tanan, human buhaton ang nakat-unan nga pulong. Mao na nga kitang mga Pilipino mga Bisaya, dapat magsinuportahay kitang tanan. Including Luzon and Mindanao, let us stand together and help each other to make a Better Philippines!

We have to support our own music the OPM, so that we can bring our pride to the other countries! Every time we go to another countries, we couldn’t hear them saying, that music is from Philippines!

Today, Filipinos are known for imitating. It is a sad reality! In Philippines, if there is one Filipino artist become popular with that particular style, the rest of the artists will follow. It is a sad reality! I thought everyone believes there is UNIQUENESS in each one of us but why we keep on imitating? It is a sad reality!The truth is Filipinos really admires International Music. And that is the cause and effect of the power of Social Media! It is a sad reality!

Lastly, my opinion about Karencitta’s message to social media particularly to LOCAL FM STATIONS that she’s trying to encourage us to give our 100% SUPPORT OF ORIGINAL PILIPINO MUSIC. She knew what’s going on of music industry in the Philippines nowadays because she is so active. Most Filipinos are not really aware about the OPM is dying, none would appreciate it anymore because of the wrong airplay from local Fm radio stations. It is a sad reality! I can’t deny to myself to tell the truth about my influence of International music and musicians because they are great! The music from the other countries are captivating! We couldn’t blame local stations because original music in Philippines are limited, there are only limited musicians and of their some songs are not good anymore. Unlike, if competition in the Philippines will boost there is possibility, majority of local stations will airplay the OPM because they have unlimited choices. We Filipinos must improve our sense of loyalty of the Philippines product specifically the OPM. We must start to love ourselves then the love of the country Philippines. Let us be true to ourselves because denial is worst than we all ever imagine.

Karencitta’s personal quotes about her Music Journey, from Cosmo.ph

My goal as an artist is to amplify Original Pinoy Music on an international scale. And since I am a fully-fledged Cebuana, it only made sense to give gratitude to my roots,” Karen shares.

“Gusto ko mag-showcase na kahit professional o non-professional dancer ka, enjoy pa rin ang buhay kapag marinig mo ang record. Unity in diversity. World peace will always win. There’s too much negativity going on in the world. This is my centavo of positive vibration.”

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