Maestro Ryan Cayabyab-National Artist for Music

Looking for a Filipino Songwriter and his Works?

How patriotic are you in terms of your music choice?

How often do you listen to OPM-original pinoy music?

How OPM music affects you?

I wanted to write in Filipino, Tagalog or Cebuano/Bisaya because I am a Natural born Cebuano! If all the people in the world can understand my language? It would be very easy to write with limited grammar mistakes. On the other side, we all have to adjust and be flexible. Thank goodness, we have English subject in Philippines.

I am writing this content because of Maestro Ryan Cayabyab.

Who is he?

He is now our National Artist for Music and it sounds good to hear right? In addition to that, I am proud to share my personal encounter with Maestro Ryan C. here in Cebu during his songwriting workshop. And he shared his skills with full of humility. 

If we meet again, I don’t think he recognize me at all because he saw me only minutes. But why, I made this as a big issue? Because, during his discussion, he asked the audience to sing folk songs and because of my excitement I raised my hands and said I can sing it then, he saw me and listened! I remember I sung a Cebuano song entitled “Samtang ako may Kinabuhi pa” In English, “While I’m still alive”. I am so “kilig” amazed, he said to me WOW ang ganda ng Boses ah! You know what, It feels like I’m flying…! And right after that moment, all my frustrations about my passion as a singer-songwriter was all gone and my confidence level was starting to build up again. Thank you Maestro Ryan Cayabyab!

I congratulates you for being officially proclaimed as a National Artist for Music!

Maestro Ryan Cayabyab works

Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika– How beautiful our Music

Nais Ko– I Wish

Maalaala Mo KayaMemories

Da Coconut Nut– Coconut Tree

Paraiso– Paradise

Saan kaman Naroroon– Where are you now

Dahil Sa’yo– Because of You

And more…..

Moreover, I’d love to share my insights, about how magnetic and symbolic his works are!

The Filipino people was right to chose you as our National Artist for Music!

Maestro Ryan Cayabyab’s hit songs are “Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika” in English, “How Beautiful our Music” the lyrics of this song shows his deep love of the Filipino Music. I always remember the hook of this song: “Kay ganda ng ating musika, ito ay atin, sariling atin at sa habang buhay awitin natin”. How beautiful our music, we own it, we have it, forever we sing”.

Nais Ko” I wish” this song displays his desires to witness the beauty of the country and the people. Nais kong malibot ang mundo sa kanyang kasuluk-sulukan, Nais kong makita ang paligid kong puno ng kagandahan, Nais kong makadama ng kakaibang damdamin kahit minsan man lang”. “I wish to explore, I wish to witness the beauty of nature, I wish to feel what other’s feels too”.

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